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Aluminum Knock Down Strainers

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Our aluminum strainers have greater strength and stability than any wood products in the market. Aluminum will not warp in varying conditions of humidity and storage making them ideal to protect the integrity of your art collection.

Lucius Hudson's Knock Down Strainer (KDS) was developed as an alternative to our fixed dimension strainers. They provide a lower cost shipping solution and greater accessibility to limited entry environments. Your KDS arrives ready to assemble in your studio, gallery or museum.

16" x 20 x "1.25" Cradled Wood Panel SALE! Limited Time - Save 30%

For a limited time SAVE 30% on 16" x 20 x "1.25" Cradled Wood Panels!Our Cradled Wood Panels are made with torsion box construction. The lattice core below is glued between two sheets of plywood to provide a strong and light wood panel.Torsion Box Construction design is used in the aerospace industry in making wings and vertical [...]

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Welcome to Lucius Hudson's E Commerce Site

In the beginning we are offering cradled wood panel in our online store. Our cradled wood panels are all made in our Gardena California factory. We make the strongest and lightest cradled wood panels  and the only product in the market with a full cleat back allowing the work to be hung from all sides. Our [...]

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